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A new peacebuilding podcast season starts today. This time, it's all about conflict sensitive journalism.
19. April 2023
Today is the launch date for Season 2 of The Peacebuilding Practitioner podcast. Season 2 is all about conflict sensitivity. And as you can expect from this resource page cum podcast, the show is packed with hands-on advice, tested tools and frameworks, and explained through a range of concrete examples from an experiences practitioner.

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14. May 2021
In our short series on Conflict Sensitive Journalism we first looked at the origins of new journalistic models for covering conflict and compared their approaches and reasoning. In the second and third article we took a closer look at the practical implementation of these ideas and the tools Conflict Sensitive Journalism proposes to journalists covering conflict. Now in this final article I will take a step back again and look at journalism through the lens of democracy and peacebuilding,...

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13. May 2021
The first part of our Conflict Sensitive Journalism (CSJ) Toolbox focused on practical and technical elements that distinguish CSJ from traditional conflict reporting. This second part will look at those elements that represent principles behind those tools. All tools are no use as long as journalists don't review the fundamental assumptions that drive their reporting. Let's look at the next set of principles through this lens and go back to some very basic questions: for whom do we make news...

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12. May 2021
In the first post of this short series we took a look at the origins of Conflict Sensitive Journalism and how the concept relates to peace journalism and other approaches to reporting on conflict, crisis and war. In this second post we will explore what Conflict Sensitive Journalism requires in practice. What is it that reporters and editors do differently when they choose to report in a conflict sensitive way - and how does this shift in perspective impact on the conflict situation and its...

11. May 2021
Wile our last mini series focused on lobby and advocacy as a powerful tool to strengthen your peacebuilding work, today’s post is the first in a series of articles looking at journalism and its role in conflict settings.