Lobby and advocacy campaigns - Essential steps

The Art Of Campaigning

In last week’s article I build an argument for lobby and advocacy campaigns to increase the changes of peacebuilding projects to be successful. But not everything that comes dressed as a campaign is a campaign. In order to develop its full potential and lend significant weight to your work, a lobby and advocacy campaign needs to be done right.


11 Simple Steps To A Successful Lobby And Advocacy Campaign

While many of the details of a campaign depend on the situation you are working in, the issue you are working on and the people you are working with, most successful campaigns have key issues in common. 


They are based on a sound analysis, they develop realistic demands and clearly spell them out towards the people who have the power to change the situation and they work with strong strategies that allow them to focus their efforts where they are most likely to be successful. 



The following video guides you through eleven simple steps to develop such a strategy. It clearly outlines what needs to be done to come up with a promising concept to influence policies and their implementation. 


Build Your Lobby And Advocacy Skills

If you would like to further develop your lobby and advocacy skills, we are now offering online training. To learn more about our online course „The Art of Campaigning - 11 simple steps to run a successful lobby and advocacy campaign“ click here.


Post by Bjoern Eser from The Peacebuilding Practitioner.